• You have needs for qualified technical and managerial staff?
  • Are your available recruitment instruments at their limits?
  • Can or do you want a vacant position not open to the public?

We specialize in solving such problems.

From our experience, quality, speed and discretion are the most important factors for a successful recruitment project.

Our approach is characterized by clear and structured processes in the contact generation.

We deal actively with the individual characteristics of our clients. Combined with the knowledge industry and position we define a customized search strategy in the dialog.

During the course of the project, we communicate transparently with our clients. Therefore we can flexibly adjust the search strategy on lessons learned – from our point of view the key to the successful project.

Do not hesitate, to discreetly and confidently contact us if you get stuck with your usual ways and means in recruiting personnel. We will gladly come without obligation to you and develop an individual occupation strategy for the solution to your problem.