Placers Personnel Consulting successfully fills vacant positions for executives and specialists on behalf of its clients.

Our aim is to carry out the recruitment processes with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in the interests of our clients.

That is why our consultants have many years of experience in handling appointments and in-depth knowledge of the sectors and markets they work in. We do justice to the particular characteristics of our clients with individually developed search strategies.

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With this search method, we focus on passive seeking, tendential want-away candidates who have published their profiles on various resume databases and social networks. Interesting published potential applicants are individually addressed and interviewed by us, and then motivated to send an application if suitable.

Personal contact is made through the respective responsible project manager advisor so that potential candidates can get all their questions relevant to their decision answered immediately during the first conversation.


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Our core competence is the acquisition of employees through “active sourcing.” The increasing complexity of the work requirements for applicants and their progressive specialization in our specialized and globalized world require it to focus on the narrowing circle of appropriate personalities during the search process.

We can, in the width as well as in the depth of the respective competitive environment and its structures, fully identify the relevant persons at all levels and contact them.


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The creation of a position is often completed under questionable conditions concerning the income. Also, questions concerning the “market fairness” of the salary often come up in existing employment relationships. Get a sovereign overview in the market. We are professional service providers for salary studies and advise our customers sustainably.


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A company’s reputation is a key factor in the market in many situations. The self-perception of a company is not often conforming to reality.

The “good reputation” of a company is not only of significant importance for the acquisition of top performers – but decision-makers should also be aware of the image of their business to respective stakeholders as a basis for profound strategic decisions.